Production Management Consulting

J Acts Media provides extended services like Production Management and Consulting Services to assist Artists,
Musicians, Groups, Producers, Business Entities and Houses of Worship with the best known
industry knowledge and insight available.

With more than 15 years of Entertainment industry experience in the Creative and Performing Arts.
We are able and fully equipped to provide in all your Live Production needs.

The Music Business and Entertainment Industry are consistently growing.
Our goal is to provide a Easy, Effective and Affordable service to Clients, People, Businesses
and Organizations by assisting them in achieving their goals.

We look forward to working with you and to assist you in your production needs.
You are welcome to contact us regarding any of your questions or queries directly.

Consulting & Production
Management Services 

Live Productions, Live Events, Corporate, Business Expo's, Trading Shows, Modeling Shows,Concerts, Conferences, Entertaining,
Audio Visual Installations, Sound System Installations, Lighting Installations, Producing/Co-Producing, Music & Lyric's, Copyright,
Music Producer, Music Arranger, Songwriting, Vocal Training, Broadcasting Solutions, Custom Build Computers, Stage Design,
Venue Design, Staff Management ,Administration, Networking, Effectiveness,

Working In Excellence.


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UNITED STATES - Ocean Ridge, Florida
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