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Ultimate Panels

The Go To Solution for Acoustically Treating anything mobile, options are limitless. Hang or mount it on walls, or suspend it from ceilings.
Get them standard or Custom designed to your liking.

Acoustic Panels are a very cost effective manner in which to treat rooms, venues, gymnasiums, school halls, classrooms,
hallways, theaters, production venues, boardrooms, office areas, noisy reception areas or any problematic area in general.

Acoustic Treatment Panels are usually used in Recording Studios, Home Theaters and Listening Rooms,
but can also be used in any environment where Acoustic Treatment is needed, like School Halls and Classrooms,
Office Areas and Staff Rooms, Business Foyers, Showrooms and in many more applications.

The purpose of Acoustic Panels is to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance within a room.
Acoustic Panels deal more with the mid and high frequencies in a room. Acoustics' treatments panels are broadband in nature
thus they tend to deal with the entire frequency range, depending on the application and thickness of the Acoustic Treatment Panel.

Acoustic Panels have a narrower profile ranging from 50mm - 100mm, which work to tame higher and mid frequencies.
Bass Traps range from 100mm to 1000mm, which tame the low mid and low frequencies in a given Room or Venue.
Many options available. Custom Panels and Acoustic Treatment are available for any venue, room, event or occasion.

We handcraft each Acoustic Panel, Bass Trap, and Diffuser at Ultimate Panels here in Cape Town, South Africa.
Ultimate Panels is a product of J Acts Media.


50mm and 100mm Acoustic Panels
100mm Bass Traps
100mm to 200mm Extreme Bass Traps
Diffuser Panels
Reflector Panels
Absorption Panels
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