Live Production

We at J Acts Media Provideand assist in all major Events and Live Productions that includes Live Sound Reinforcement, Audio & Visual, Recordings, Staging and Lighting.

Managing a Live Show, Concert, Event or Production can be a demanding task and responsibility.
With our vast experience in Live Production, Live Sound, Recording, Staging and Lighting, we'll take care
of all the technical and live orientated demands that are required for your gig.

Professionally trained and qualified Engineers, Technicians, Operators and Crew are always on site or on standby to assist you in your event or production needs. State of the Art Equipment are used to manage your Event smoothly.

Presentation is everything when it comes to your Company, Business, Event or Production.
Our aim is to offer you the best solutions for your particular Event, and to assist you in reaching your goals.

Services That We Specialize In

Live Productions & Events, Live Sound Reinforcement,  Audio & Visual, A/V Installations, Live CD/DVD Recordings,Professional Staging, Professional Lighting, Event Planing, Production Management Consulting, Live Concerts,Live Shows, Live Events, Expo's, Trading Shows, Modeling Shows, Corporate Functions,Business Meetings, Function Venues.



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