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Kick Start your career with our Audio Visual and Live Production Courses

Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned amateur, our full time Diploma and Part Time Certificate Course will give you the Technical Skills and Requirements, Practical Experience, Insider Knowledge and Industry Contacts to assist you in obtaining a successful career in the Music Business.

Our aim at J Acts Media is to prepare Students for a job in the Audio Visual and Music Production Industry, teaching them all there is to know about Live Production and Post Production.
With a lot of careers to pursue in the Music Industry we assist students in teaching them the basic and necessary fundamentals to qualify them from getting the job done successfully to being the best they can be in their field, thus securing them a good name and to be
eligible for a career as a Industry Professional and Specialist.

Practical Experience is the key
to your success

What we offer at J Acts Media is like no other, with Practical Experience and Hands On Training we teach Students to Setup, Strike, Operate, Maintain and Troubleshoot different kinds of Setups
for different kinds of Events and Scenarios.
With our Effective Practical Assignments we teach students by exposing them to Live Productions
and Events, getting them to grasp the skill required for being in the industry they are pursuing.

Hands On Training and Experience through assisting Senior Engineers and Industry Professionals at Live Events and in real world Audio Visual Production scenarios, laying a solid foundation
for each Student to work from and build upon.


Why make Studying at J Acts Media Your First Choice?
Practical Experience!

Something that no other course can offer! We teach our student how to manage and get the job done in the real music industry world through practical experience mixed with the necessary theory.
Students learn how to setup gear, operate various kinds of equipment for different kinds of setups
and get to grasp the skill required to work with, and in the audio & visual industry.

Hands on Training

All students have individual practical time where they learn how to setup and operate gear for live productions and events. Work with different kinds of gear and equipment and understand countless
techniques used in the real audio and visual industry.

Prepare you for a Job in the Music Industry

Study and learn the necessary skill required to work in the real Audio Visual industry fast and effectively.
We offer a fast and effective way of learning all you have to know to be ready for your career. You’ll be diploma-qualified and career ready within our 3 month full time or part-time course.
We have been operating in the industry for more than 15 years and also specialize in live Audio & Visual Production and Events.



As an Audio Visual Technician You should:

Have excellent Technical Skills
Be familiar with the main AV Equipment Types
Have good Troubleshooting Skills
Possess Creative Skills
Have good IT Skills
Be well Organized
Be able to work well as Part of a Team and on your Own Initiative
Be able to work under Pressure and to Deadlines
Be flexible and adaptable to deal with Varies Tasks
Be willing to continually Update your Knowledge and Skills
Be aware of Electrical Safety Issues
Be Client Focused and able to workwith Staff and Students at all Levels.
Take your first step into the real world of Music Production and the Entertainment Business.
Activate your skills by learning the necessities of Audio Visual  and Live Production.
Lay a good foundation by gaining knowledge and through practical experience.
Kick Start your Career with our Audio Visual and Live Production Courses.

Here are some of the careers you can pursue after completing one of our Courses

Music Producer
Acoustic Consultant
Audio Engineer for Videos
Digital Re-Mastering Engineer
Live Sound Engineer
Manufacturer's Rep/Customer Service
Mastering Engineer
Multimedia Developer
Post-Production Engineer
Record Company Staff
Recording Studio Set Up Worker
Sound Technician
Studio Technician/Maintenance
Sound Designer
Computer Music Researcher
Digital Audio Editor
Music Educator
Film/Video Sound Designer
Interactive Multimedia Specialist
Jingle Writer & Producer
MIDI Pre-Producer
Performer / Studio Musician
Product Representative


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